Kate Sullivan

Kate Sullivan has been working with Lonely Planet for the past six years, first as a Corporate Lawyer and now as Senior Legal Counsel for the Lonely Planet group. Kate held previous roles in the film and television industries. In her role at Lonely Planet Kate has been an integral player in the transformation of the legal team’s service delivery model as a result of the successful introduction of Agile. Being a non-traditional workflow methodology in the context of the legal sector, the journey of Lonely Planet’s legal team has provided some invaluable insights into organisational efficiencies which can be achieved through Agile.

At Lonely Planet Kate has assisted with the implementation of Agile work processes across both traditional publishing and online business units. Kate has also presented Lonely Planet legal’s approach to working in Agile to other in-house legal teams at companies such as Bankwest, Telstra and BBC Worldwide. Kate has also delivered presentations to conferences “Agile On the Beach” in Cornwall and “Øredev” in Sweden.

The Lonely Planet legal team continues to explore Agile work practices and the evolution has been a key element in the team delivering an outstanding service to Lonely Planet. Kate continues to be an advocate for the Agile process.